Our "Department"

photo of Lloyd Rieber Photo of Rob Branch photo of Greg Clinton photo of Liyan Song photo of Rick West
Lloyd Rieber, Ph.D. (1987)
Penn State
Rob Branch, Ph.D. (1989)
Virginia Tech
Greg Clinton, Ph.D.
University of Georgia
Liyan Song, Ph.D. (2005)
University of Georgia
Rick West, Ph.D.
University of Georgia


Lloyd and Rob have been challenging each other's understanding of instructional design since about 1989, when Rob beat out Lloyd for the coveted AECT Young Researcher Award (and hardly a day goes by that Rob doesn't remind Lloyd about it). Together, they have worked with some of the brightest and best young instructional design academics of the field, of which Drs. Liyan Song, Greg Clinton, and Rick West exemplify. And yes, Liyan, Greg, and Rick are all proud graduates of the Instructional Technology program at the University of Georgia, where Lloyd and Rob are full professors.

We all come from a strong tradition of combining teaching, research, and practice. We all especially value and thoroughly enjoy teaching. We are all also very healthy skeptics when it comes to claims made without research or evaluation data to back it up. We are also mindful of the limitations that research done in the "ivory tower" of a university has on real-world problems and applications. As a result, we combine healthy doses of enthusiasm and humility in our work with our students. We also recognize that students bring with them a life's worth of experiences, personal and professional, and we try our best to have students leverage their learning of instructional design on these experiences.

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